(By Datu Ontay Acmad M. Abdulmadid)


SHARIFF AHMAD of Makka or Moh. Saripoden is married to Potre Tammat, the daughter of Raja Hassim (King of Yemen). Their children are Shariff Raja Baginda, Shariff Alimuddin, Shariff Hassan, and Shariff Ali Zainal Abedin.

Then, SHARIFF RAJA BAGINDA, SHARIFF ALIMUDDIN, SHARIFF HASSAN, and SHARIFF ALI ZAINAL ABEDIN asked permission to their father Shariff Akmad and mother Putri Tammat, that they will go to the East. Shariff Akmad advised them to relay his Message of Thanks to the people of the east in the name of Islam, thru the usages of five (5) Pillars and six (6) Beliefs in Islam, and after his advises with message, a miracle had attained by the four (4) Shariff brothers who had reached the east in a moment. When they are on the shore of Sumatra, the Shariff brothers had decided to go far away from the shore where they can use their means of travel-by-win thru their individual “vintas”. While on travel and reach the sea near of Ceylon, a very strong win approached them, that make them or their “vintas” separate from each other.


The “vinta” of SHARIFF RAJA BAGINDA had landed in Basilan. Not so long, Shariff Raja Baginda marries the Bai sa Basilan (Queen of Basilan). With this marriage, they raised two (2) children namely: Shariff Bidayon and Shariff Timbang, they live in Rampetan (now Lamitan) and they are the descendants of the Shariff’s in Basilan.


The “vinta” of SHARIFF HASSAN had landed in Bulunay (Brunei), then he married to the Bai sa Bulunay (Queen of Brunei) and their children are Shariff Makdum and Raja Sumakwel. These two (2) brothers are the descendants of Shariff’s and Datu’s of Balunay.

Likewise, the “vinta” of SHARIFF ALIMUDDIN landed in Sulu and he married to the Bai sa Sulug (Queen of Sulu). Their children are Marhum Salahuddin and Maraja Upak, they are the descendants of the Shariff’s in Sulu.

Then, SHARIFF ALI JAINAL ABEDIN (son of Shariff Mohammad Saripoden) is married to Putri Jusul Asikien (daughter of Sandori Sallam of Jeddah and Sultan Iskandar Zulkarnain, the Sultan of Malacca), landed in Johore. Their children are Shariff Bonggo, Shariff Alawi, Shariff Mangendra, Shariff Kabunsuan Shariff Alihuden, Shariff Alnao, Shariff Magindar and their last child had disappeared due to the Will of Allah upon her birth. With that miracle, Sultan Zulkarnain of Johore gave a Gold Ring to the disappeared child, but handed to the “Waliyan” (Midwife) who served the birth of said baby-girl. The Gold Ring is decorated at the center with a seven carats diamond and full of beauty with no comparison at all.


Next to that, is another travel of SHARIFF RAJA BAGINDA, People of mainland Mindanao name him Shariff MARADIA, where he reached Selangan (now Kalanganan), not far away is a mountain at Selangan, called Tantawan. When the “vinta” landed at the shore, they chose to stay beside the bamboo tree found at the shoreline in western part of the mountain in Selangan (Kalanganan). At this time, Shariff Raja Baginda saw a Big-bird (identified as Bulah, a white bird almost a Parrot-alike) flying from west to east, and no other destination except the bamboo tree near them. When the Big-bird landed in that bamboo tree, Shariff Raja Baginda faced toward the bamboo tree and happen to focus his site to the Big-bird, he saw a girl carried by that Big-bird, then on that moment, he shouted very-very loud that made the Big-bird fly instantly due to shock. From there, the Big-bird leave the girl and she fall on the sea, then Shariff Raja Baginda jumped and dived to the sea in order to save the girl. When he got the girl, he bring it to the shore. When Shariff Raja Baginda ask questions to the girl, she answered that her father is Shariff Awliya of Madina and her name is Potri Paramisuli. When Shariff Raja Baginda heared the information, he said that by miracle, this is the first person landed in the area (now called Maguindanao).


Then, Shariff Raja Baginda, a Kuraysh tribe is married to Putri Paramisuli. With that marriage, they have children namely: Rajah Tabunaway and the girl is Sarabanon. The children of Sariff Raja Baginda from a woman came from the Cave is Mamalo, Abogantao, and a girl whose name is Pindao. Another children of Shariff Raja Baginda with the Bai na Maguindanao (Queen of Maguindanao) are Sambegan and Gampong, who stay at “Talakuku” (now Kabuntalan). Then, the children of Mamalo with a woman from Selangan (now Kalanganan) are Alamansa and Anop. And that they are now the descendants of Shariff Raja Baginda in Maguindanao.


Mainland Mindanao was ruled by the two (2) powerful Datu’s, known as the Datu of the Upper Valley (sa Raya) and Datu of the Lower Valley (sa ilud). Their political boundary was defined naturally by the Pulangi River (Rio Grande de Mindanao). It was then divided by the effect of the high tide, wherein, Salty water went in, against the current of the Pulangi River, was the sovereign power of the Datu of Lower Valley while the fresh water started from that of the salty water was the sovereignty of the Datu of Upper Valley.

According to a Local Genealogy (Tarsila), Mamalo got Putri Tumanina or Putri Tonina in a young bamboo tree. The story is, when Tabonaway and Mamalo decided to make fish-cage that will be put-up in “Bucana” the mouth of Pulangi River (Spanish called Rio Grande de Mindanao) Tabunaway told Mamalo to get more bamboo’s for them to use as fish-cage. After complying the order of his brother, Mamalo presented the bamboo’s, then Tabunaway asked if he got the whole bamboo tree, Mamalo answered “yes” except the one young bamboo. With that, Tabunaway told to Mamalo to return and get the remaining bamboo because it is the tradition that whenever you need more catched-fish you have take the whole bamboo tree. Then Mamalo immediately complied the order of his elder brother. When he (Mamalo) was in the bamboo tree, immediately he cut the remaining bamboo, after cutting and the tree fall down, he noticed a baby-girl beside the bamboo. He bring home the baby-girl and presented to his brother Tabunaway. Tabunaway advised Mamalo to adopt the baby-girl for them to have a female child. The Mamalo take the baby-girl and named her as Potri Tumanina (Potri Tonina).


Sharif Kabunsoan, The youngest son of Shariff Ali Zainal Abeddin and Potre Diosol Asikien, daughter of the Sultan Iskandar Zulkarnain, Sultan of Malacca and Sandori Salam of Jeddah. But Shariff Kabunsuan could not immediately establish the Maguindanao Sultanate until about the year 1500’s where the form of government was somewhat based on a feudal system with some semblance of a sultanate. He married (first) Potre Sarabanun, the sister of Datu Tambunaway and Datu Mamalo but died early with no heirs. Then he married Potre Tumanina (Potre Tonina), the adopted daughter of Mamalo. With the marriage of Shariff Kabunsuan with Potre Tumanina, they produced three female children whose name are Putri Ma’mor, Putri Milagandi, and Bai Batola. One day Putri Tumanina went to her room and wear a Gold Ring decorated at the center with a seven carats diamond and full of beauty with no comparison at all. When her husband, Shariff Kabunsuan, saw the gold ring at the finger of Putri Tumanina, he asked his wife, where she got the gold ring, was it purchased or inherited, Putri Tumanina didn’t answer but felt sad and tears was fallen on her eyes. With the reaction of his wife, Shariff Kabunsuan also felt sad and said: We used to be separated as husband and wife because Allah said that if a brother and sister are accidentally married from each other, they have to be separated immediately upon notice that they are brother and sister. Putri Tumanina responsed Shariff Kabunsuan by saying that: Whatever is the revelation from Allah, as mentioned in the Qur’an must be followed because we have married only thru Rajah Batua and my father Mamalo. Shariff Kabunsuan answered that they should be separated because she is the daughter of his mother Putri Giosol Asikein of Johore, who had been disappeared after she was born and now came alive thru Mamalo.


After the decision of SHARIFF KABUNSUAN and his wife, he leaved going home to Johor passing or via Lanao area. When he arrived at Malabang, a place in Lanao area, he met the Imam, who Macaapun a grandson of Rajah Simban of Malabang. Rajah Simban asked him, where he go, Shariff Kabunsuan answered that he will be going home to Johore and relayed story about his marriage with Potre Tumanina. While in Malabang, Shariff Kabunsuan happened to see Angintabo, the daughter of said Apen, Datu of Imragaten, and he marry Angintabu and bigoted the first Shariff of Maguindanao, Shariff Maka-Alang (Saripada), the royal lineage of Maguindanao and the second ruler of Maguindanao. Angintabo died and Kabunsoan married Paramata Mazhawang the niece of Angintabo daughter of her brother Dimasoba and Bae a labi sa Maguindanao Tamlalanan, and got 11 children's one of them were Aloyodan of Masiu Onayan and Paramata Layagun, of Bayabao and Baloi intermarriages with the Daughter and son of Shariff Alawiya and Shariff Alihuden, now their lineage is the Present 16 Sultanates of Lanao


In 1543, Sharif Kabungsuan reached an old aged and he installed his first native Maranao son Sharif Macaalang as 2nd Sultan of Maguindanao in 1543-1574. Sharif Macaalang married Bae Ble and begot Sharif Bangkaya.


Sharif Bangkaya was enthroned as the 3rd Sultan of Maguindanao in 1574-1578, he ruled for a short period, Sharif Bangkaya married Bae sa Sulangan and begot Sharif Dimasangcay Adel. Dimasangcay Adel was enthroned as 4th Sultan of Maguindanao in 1579-1585. The Royal Datus and sultans of Lanao and Iranon were descendants of Dimasangcay Adel. Sharif Bangkaya begot four children to her second wife Bai Bezaton, the children’s were Datu sa Palao a Pekong , Rajah Muda a mala sa kalibo, Pinayongan Bae a labi of Rabaugon in Pagadian and Sharif Gugu Sarikula. In 1585- Sharif Sarikula was enthroned as fifth sultan of Maguindanao, he married a Sulu princess. Sharif Bangkaya begot two children and her 3rd wife Bae sa Matampay, such as Dakunug of Malabang and Sharif Laut Buisan. Sharif Laut Buisan was installed as 6th Sultan of Maguindanao in 1597, and was married to the sister of Sultan Batara Shah Tengah of Sulu. Sharif Laut Buisan begot Gayang and Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat, Gayang was married Amatonding a noni grandson of Dimasangcay Adel, Sharif Matonding a noni whose children's now the reigning Sultans and Bai Labi of Lanao while his brother Sharif Muhammad Kudarat was installed as 7th sultan of Maguindanao in 1619. In 1656 he reached declared a jihad against the Spanish colonialist. His sultanate was felt as far as Ternate in Indonesia and Borneo and in facts its power had reached the shore of Bohol, Cebu, Panay, Mindoro and Manila in north.

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